Thanksgiving Half Turkey Deposit

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Local, free range turkey. 7.99/lb

This is to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey. Half turkeys are cut lengthwise to include one breast, one wing, and one leg. Please select fresh or frozen as you prefer. You can select pick up at our at either our Hydrostone or Oxford locations on Oct 7, 8, or 9th

You will be charged a deposit of $20 and you can the remaining balance when you pick up your order.

Half turkeys will be between 5 and 10 lb. If you would like to make specific requests for size (or number of people to serve), or if you would like to be contacted regarding your order, add a note in the order notes box.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your Thanksgiving order

NOTE: Because the turkeys are still growing, specific sizes aren't guaranteed but we will do our best to get everyone their requested sizes and state (fresh/frozen). This year nearly all fresh turkeys will be between 10 and 15 lb so the fresh half turkeys will likely be 5-8lb. More size options are available frozen. The availability will be updated periodically so if the option you're looking for is showing as sold out, more may come available.

Thanksgiving pre-orders need to be processed separately from regular orders, so while you can order as much turkey as you want for your holiday meal together, please submit a separate order for any other freezer boxes, etc that you would like to order today.