What Are The Benefits Of Shopping At The Osprey's Roost

Collage of several different images showing cows at Getaway farm

Better For The Environment

Osprey’s Roost is a farm-owned butcher shop owned by its principle beef supplier Getaway Farm. Our farm not only raises cattle, but also grows the grasses to feed the cattle.

The smaller, direct supply chain from being vertically integrated through the beef supply, and sourcing other products from local farms and suppliers allows us to keep emissions from transportation of feed, animals, meat and other products down to a minimum. Especially when compared to much of Nova Scotia’s beef supply coming from Alberta feed lots, this process has substantially less carbon impact from transportation.

The regenerative farming practices used by Getaway Farm offsets carbon emmisions that come from raising cattle.On the fields growing the grasses for cattle feed, carbon is sequestered back into the earth through processes like rotational planting & grazing, no-till harvesting, and fertilizing with manure from the cattle. Cattle grazing stabilizes the soil and promotes growth of beneficial grasses. In addition, erosion control practices, including rotational grazing, brush control management and no-till farming, protect our ecosystem.

Osprey’s Roost works to eliminate food waste wherever possible. We practice whole animal butchery and make the most of every part of the animal, utilizing every muscle for its best use, and making products out of every part of the animal possible. We make stocks & broths from the bones, render fats to tallow, lard & schmaltz to use for cooking, and we make pet treats from excess organs, skin, ears & tails. Rather than throwing away expired product, we repurpose as much as we can before it goes bad in order to minimize waste.

Compared to other places to buy meat and other groceries, Osprey’s Roost uses significantly less packaging along the whole process of getting product from farm to table.

Very little single use plastic is used through out the company. We have options for for your purchases to be packing in fully compostable packaging.

Better For The Animals

The beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and other meats sold at Osprey’s Roost are sourced from local farms that free-range and/or pasture raise their animals.

This is significantly better for the health and well-being of the animals as compared to being confined to cages and feed lots used in the production of grocery store meat.

The small family farms raise the animals to the highest standards or humane raising & handling. The Certified Island Beef and the Millen Farms pork that we carry are even certified humane by an independant third party.

The animals raised for sale in our shops are provided healthier feed compared to conventional meat. The animals are fed not just for fast growth and the highest profitability, but instead for the health of the animal.

Getaway Farm Beef is grass fed and grass finished, which is the natural diet for cattle and specific grasses are grown on Getaway Farm for optimal cattle nutrition.

Free-range and pasture raising animal allows the animals to forage and select food that they want to eat and more closely matching their natural diets.

Interior of Osprey's Roost with showcase of bread, fruits and groceries in front of the meat counter

Better For You

Animals that are healthier are healthier to eat. Not only does the better raising of the animals produce a healthier product for you, it is also tastes much better.

Free-range animals are able to move around naturally, which makes for much more flavourful meat than that from caged and confined animals that go to the typical grocery store meat.

Display shelves at Osprey Roost full of grocery items and vegetables

Better For The Local Economy

Together, Osprey’s Roost & Getaway Farm are a small, NS family owned company. In addition, nearly all of our other products are sourced from local farmers and independent businesses.

The money you spend at Osprey’s Roost stays in the local economy, instead of going to large national or multinational corporations and the salaries of billionaire CEOs.