Collage of images showing cows at Getaway farms, Osprey's Roost selling at the market, and fruits and vegetables at the original store

Our Story

Our story begins in 2009 when we founded our cattle farm – Getaway Farm – dedicated to raising premium quality, grass-fed beef right here in Nova Scotia. In that same year, we opened our first market stall at the Halifax Brewery Market, and later that year moved it to the Seaport Market.

Having been inspired by the variety we found working with and among so many wonderful local farmers & artisans, we opened our first dedicated retail location in the Hydrostone neighbourhood in 2014. There we were able to continue to grow as a neighbourhood butcher shop, as well as expand our grocery section.

In 2021, we purchased Roselane Bavarian Meats – themselves another Seaport Market mainstay – in order to develop and expand our product selection. The knowledge and experience of Manfred, the proprietor & master butcher from whom we purchased Roselane, helped us to expand our own knowledge base, and push our own productive capacity.

In 2022, we opened our second retail location at 2100 Oxford St, Halifax. The expanded space helped us to further grow our selection of local produce & artisanal goods.

We believe strongly in developing the local food system. As farmers, we believe that Nova Scotian agriculture should become more resilient and valuable by developing and opting-toward local option whenever possible. As grocers, we believe it’s in everyone’s interest to build bridges for local producers to bring their products to market with fairness and ease.