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Osprey’s Roost Butchery & Provisions is a locally focused, small-scale butcher & grocer dedicated to producing and curating food that is produced locally with care.

We specialize in featuring a variety of locally sourced, humanely raised meat, including grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and pasture-raised pork & lamb.

We practice whole animal butchery, meaning that we receive and use the whole animal. This ensures that we are able to get as much out of the animal as possible, minimizing waste. All our fresh cuts are prepared skillfully and carefully by trained butchers, with trade papers from the U.K.

We began as a market stall for a grass-fed cattle farm, focused upon raising the animals with the utmost attention and respect. As we grew in size and scope, we carried these principles into all aspects of our business.

In addition to our dry-aged, 100% grass-fed and finished Getaway Farm beef, we also carry two lines of high quality, Atlantic beef: Certified Island Beef (CIB) from certified-humane family farms across PEI, and grass-fed, grain finished Millen Farm beef from Great Village, NS.

All CIB cattle are grass-fed, forage and potato finished – this helps to develop superior marbling. CIB is wet-aged to ensure moisture retention & flavour development.

Millen Farm beef is from Great Village, NS, and is grass-fed & grain finished to develop further marbling. Millen beef is dry-aged for minimum 1 week, with prime rib, striploin, and sirloins dry aging further.

All our sausages are carefully made in-house by hand, using recipes that feature simple, quality ingredients, most notably our locally sourced pork. Similarly, all of our bacon is made in-house, carefully cured and smoked by hand. You can take a look at our house-made sausages here.

We believe strongly in developing the local food system. As farmers, we believe that Nova Scotian agriculture should become more resilient and valuable by developing and opting-toward local options whenever possible. As grocers, we believe it’s in everyone’s interest to build bridges for local producers to bring their products to market with fairness and ease.

You can read more about it here!

We have grown from a market stall to a marketplace. Although our business has changed drastically over the years, the principles that we hold ourselves to haven’t.