Getaway Farm's Bacon Information

Getaway Farm's Bacon Information

We are known for our delicious bacon here at Getaway Farm, but too few venture outside of the world of standard belly bacon! Here is a brief rundown of our six types of bacon:

Belly Bacon


     We start with our bacon so ubiquitous it is most often referred to simply as ‘bacon.’ Technically belly bacon, it is unsurprisingly sourced from the pig’s belly - this corresponds to the number 4 on our graphic. This cut layers fat and meat evenly, resulting in a rich texture that lends itself perfectly to breakfast or any other time of day! It is best heated in a cold pan to allow for some of the fat to render out, then enjoyed to the desired crispiness. 

 Jowl Bacon


     Our Jowl bacon begins - as with all our bacon - with humane pork. The jowl bacon is unsurprisingly made from the pig’s jowl, by the cheek. This corresponds to the number 8 on our graphic. These whole jowls are then cured in a curing salt and maple sugar mixture; this results in the jowl bacon’s notable delicate sweetness. These cured jowls are smoked, cooled, and then sliced into strips.

     The result is a bacon that is distinctively unctuous and rich. The cut is similar to Italian guanciale, however the maple sugar and smoking makes the flavour profile more akin to North American belly bacon. This sweet, rich, and smokey bacon is best enjoyed the way any other bacon is: on a sandwich, in a pasta dish, or alongside eggs!

English Bacon


     Our English bacon is perhaps our most distinct from the other varieties. It is made of the whole pork loin, a traditional English cut for bacon including the centre of the loin as well as some belly and back fat. This corresponds to the numbers 3 & 7 on our pig graphic. English bacon has a unique distribution of fat that makes it ideal for a quick sear with little rendering needed.

     Not being smoked like our other bacon, the English bacon is able to bring the taste of high-quality pork to the forefront of flavour. It is best enjoyed alongside a full English breakfast or on a bacon ‘butty,’ or sandwich.

Back Bacon


     Our Back bacon is made of the centre of the pork loin, making it the leanest of our bacon varieties. This corresponds to the numbers 3 & 7 on our cut chart without the fat of the English bacon. It is cured, smoked, cooled, and then sliced just as with our standard belly bacon. Its convenient round shape and tenderizing cure makes it an ideal ham substitute, perfect for sandwiches or on eggs Benedict.

Beer Bacon

     Our Beer Bacon is made from the pork shoulder which is very rich and well-marbled, corresponding to the number 5 on our cut graphic.  It is dry-cured and then soaked in a rich and hoppy India Pale Ale from our friends at Off Track Brewing in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

     The somewhat bitter and sharp taste of the beer compliments the rich fattiness of the pork excellently. While a little goes a long way on its own, the Beer Bacon is perfect on sandwiches – and is the perfect size and shape to top a burger.

Cottage Bacon

     The last bacon reviewed is our Cottage Bacon. Just as with the Beer Bacon, the Cottage Bacon is made of the pork shoulder and then dry cured; it is then smoked, making the flavour profile most alike our Belly Bacon with the well and evenly marbled consistency from the shoulder. It is great for sandwiches or on top of a burger.

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