Tenderloin Steak

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Which line of beef should you choose?

Getaway Farm beef is 100% grass-fed and finished, and dry-aged for >21 days to ensure the highest quality and depth of flavour. Sourced from Getaway Farm near Canning, NS.

Certified Island Beef is sourced from certified-humane family farms across PEI. All CIB cattle grass-fed, forage and potato finished – this helps to develop superior marbling. CIB is wet-aged to ensure moisture retention & flavour development.

Millen Farm beef is grass-fed, and finished on grass & grain. All sourced from Millen Farm near Great Village, NS. We dry-age the Millen Farm beef for 1-2 weeks.

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Made famous by its buttery texture, this steak is cut from a part of the loin that does very little work and has almost no connective tissue. As a result, the tenderloin steak boasts unmatched tenderness and a mild flavour. While it is a standout steak with just a little salt due to its tenderness, it is often served with mustard or other tangy sauces. Craving steak tartare or beef wellington? This is the cut for you!

  • 2 per package
  • minimum 14 oz total