Outside Skirt Steak

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Which line of beef should you choose?

Getaway Farm beef is 100% grass-fed and finished, and dry-aged for >21 days to ensure the highest quality and depth of flavour. Sourced from Getaway Farm near Canning, NS.

Certified Island Beef is sourced from certified-humane family farms across PEI. All CIB cattle grass-fed, forage and potato finished – this helps to develop superior marbling. CIB is wet-aged to ensure moisture retention & flavour development.

Millen Farm beef is grass-fed, and finished on grass & grain. All sourced from Millen Farm near Great Village, NS. We dry-age the Millen Farm beef for 1-2 weeks.

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A long, thin steak from the flank primal with a loose texture and a long grain, this is one of the most flavourful steaks you can buy. The outside skirt steak is a muscle from the diaphragm and is the most tender and flavourful of the skirt steaks, and it tends to have good marbling as well. Amazing when seared, cooked medium rare or rarer and sliced against the grain. The loose texture and thinness also make it quick to take a marinade or rub!

We highly recommend you choose the dry-aged skirt steak when available: since it hangs on the outside of the animal during aging, the flavour concentration from the dry aging is even better than other cuts!

1 Pound packs.