Marinated Korean Cut Short Ribs

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Which line of beef should you choose?

Getaway Farm beef is 100% grass-fed and finished, and dry-aged for >21 days to ensure the highest quality and depth of flavour. Sourced from Getaway Farm near Canning, NS.

Certified Island Beef is sourced from certified-humane family farms across PEI. All CIB cattle grass-fed, forage and potato finished – this helps to develop superior marbling. CIB is wet-aged to ensure moisture retention & flavour development.

Millen Farm beef is grass-fed, and finished on grass & grain. All sourced from Millen Farm near Great Village, NS. We dry-age the Millen Farm beef for 1-2 weeks.

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Cut across the ribs instead of between them, this method of preparing short ribs makes them more tender and lets them easily take a marinade or rub and then cooked quickly at a higher heat. A great cut to barbeque, broil or grill, make sure to keep a close eye on them to keep them from overcooking – the thin cut cooks exceptionally quickly, even with the medallions of bone in each slice!

These ribs are marinated with Getaway Farm’s Housemade Korean Marinade – garlic, ginger, tamari soy sauce and sesame oil add an extra kick to your Short Ribs. Since your meat has already marinated, it’s ready to cook right out of the package! We recommend taking any extra sauce and adding it as your veggies, rice or noodles cook.

2 Pounds Per Package